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Light rail and bikes

Next Tuesday KCMO voters will decide whether or not to tax ourselves to build the first part of a regional light rail system. While not directly bicycle-related, anything that provides more transportation options is ultimately good for making the city more sustainable, livable, and competitive.  There area also many opportunities to integrate bikes with the [...]

Bike Week Bus

To promote Bike Week and the Car-Free Challenge, the city of Kansas City, MO has wrapped a KCATA Metro bus with a Bike There, Walk There ad. The message is that any trip under two miles can be on foot, and any trip up to five miles can be on bike. Tonight the bus was [...]

Bikes and Light Rail

Hopefully you’ve heard that light rail is a big deal around river city lately. Even if Clay Chastain’s plan is nixed, all signs point towards some kind of plan eventually getting built. So, what would that mean for cyclists? On one hand, improving public transportation and getting some automobiles will be a [...]

Bikes on Gondolas

One of the more, um, creative components of Clay Chastain’s light rail plan is the addition of aerial gondolas traversing Penn Valley Park, between Union Station and the Liberty Memorial. So, vigilant bicycle advocates must be on guard as gondola planning begins so that we can ensure these new transit vehicles include bicycle accommodation. [...]

As of this week the KCATA has finished installing bike racks on all 20- and 40-foot Metro buses on fixed routes. This covers virtually everything but the short buses serving the MetroFlex routes.

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