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Three new bike shops and counting

I don’t know if Missouri has ever seen such a rash of new bike shops like we have in March 2008. I’ve already mentioned Family Bicycles in Waldo, with their emphasis on commuters and transportation cycling (including lots of folding bikes and ride gear). There was also Volker Bicycles in Midtown, focusing on the fixie [...]

Volker Bicycles Grand Opening

On Saturday Volker Bicycles has a grand opening party from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at 1717 West 39th Street, just east of State Line Road in Midtown. They will be featuring the artwork of local cyclist Chris Thomas, a.k.a. ©hrisGo.
Also check out their weekly rides.  They have a Monday night urban ride that I [...]

Family Bicycles Now Open in Waldo

Kansas City’s newest bike shop is now open in Waldo. Family Bicycles is specializing in practical, transportation-oriented cycling for the entire family. Check them out at 7140 Wornall Road, Kansas City, Missouri (between Gregory Blvd and Sutherlands).

2007 was a huge year for bicycling in the Kansas City metro area. Here are some of the highlights…
Tour of Missouri
The largest sporting even in the history of Missouri kicked off here in KC on the Country Club Plaza. It was a huge success. The KC stage is rumored to have attracted the [...]

Positive press in the Northland

The Tour of Missouri has come and gone, but hopefully its after effects will continue to generate positive press like this. Bill Graham, The Star’s Northland columnist, has a great column imploring motorists to slow and for everyone to be a little more accommodating. The column also garnered a mention by Paul Dorn, national [...]

Radio broadcast

If you couldn’t listen live, today’s Up To Date episode on bicycling is already available in KCUR’s online archive and in their podcast feed.  The first half focuses on the Tour of Missouri.  The second half focuses on bicycling in the city includes Deb Ridgway, KCMO’s new bike/ped coordinator, and Bob Albright of Midwest Cyclery [...]

A big front-page article in today’s Star details the dearth of recreational trails in Kansas City, MO. We have so few trails compared to our suburbs that it’s not even a contest. Shannon Jaax, a great addition to the city’s planning department, sums up the situation very well by saying “We are trail poor, and [...]

Paseo, Interupted

The Paseo Bridge replacement project is having some trouble this week.  Only one contractor submitted a bid for the design-build contract.  Since state law requires at least two bids, that’s a bit of a problem.  MoDOT says they are still holding to their 2011 goal, but it that date is looking a lot less likely [...]

Fairfax bridge closure

Beginning Wednesday, MoDOT will close the 1930s-era Fairfax Bridge for three weeks of emergency repairs.  This impacts the southbound lanes of US 69 between Platte and Wyandotte Counties.  Automobile traffic will be diverted to nearby I-635, but the closest bicycle crossing is Downtown on the Heart of America Bridge.  The northound lanes of US 69 [...]

New bike shop!

KC is getting a new bike shop this year. Epic Bike and Sport will be located in the new Tuileries Plaza shopping center on NW 64th Street at I-29. It will be one of 12 new concept stores affiliated with Specialized. The new shop is being promoted as a new approach to bike retail, [...]

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