Bike Week 2009: May 9-17

During negotiations over a bicycle and pedestrian path on the new Paseo Bridge, the Missouri Department of Transportation committed to building such a path on the Heart of America Bridge (Route 9, Oak St., Burlington). The original commitment was to retrofit the HOA bridge by 2012, but the federal economic stimulus bill has provided funds to move that deadline up by two years.

Construction should start a year from now, and by late 2010 the KC region will have its first dedicated bike/ped crossing over the Missouri River.  Details are still being worked out, but the general idea is to use the shoulder on the northbound side of the bridge.  A barrier would be constructed between bike/ped path and the automobile lanes, and a fence would be added on the outside of the path. The path would likely extend from the 3rd Street entrance ramp in Columbus Park to 10th Avenue in North Kansas City.

The official news is on the Mid-America Regional Council’s web site.


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