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Archive for October, 2007

Bikes and Light Rail

Hopefully you’ve heard that light rail is a big deal around river city lately. Even if Clay Chastain’s plan is nixed, all signs point towards some kind of plan eventually getting built. So, what would that mean for cyclists? On one hand, improving public transportation and getting some automobiles will be a benefit. On the [...]

Urban Cyclist Project

  Local cyclists and photographer Chris Thomas has an awesome photo set up on Flickr called the KC Urban Cyclist Project.  Check out the cool black and white photography of local cyclists.

Tonight the city will hold a public meeting on a proposed trail along North Troost Avenue, between Englewood and Vivion. This trail would be funded with $250,000 from the TIF project that is building a new strip mall at the northeast corner of Vivion and North Oak. While new trail development is certainly welcome, these [...]

Bike Parking for NKC

KCMO isn’t the only metro city working on providing bicyclists with safe and convenient parking.  The Sun-Tribune reports that North Kansas City’s planning commission has asked the City Council to put bike racks in the city’s downtown area. Commissioner David Katz cites livability reasons as well as the opportunity to reduce demand for automobile parking. [...]

Over the years the Missouri Bicycle Federation has facillitated huge improvements across the state, and even in neighboring states where we share bi-state regions like in KC and St. Louis. But when dealing with state laws, departments of transportations, etc. it is critical that Kansas bicyclists be represented in Topeka by other Kansans. There have [...]

Downtown Shower Facilities

Deb Ridway, KCMO’s Bike/Ped Coordinator, is working on getting bicyclists access to showers at a Downtown health club and needs your input… Hello fellow bike commuters, I have a serious question for you and would appreciate your thoughts. I’m working with a local health club that has agreed to have a shower only access fee [...]

Localcycling.com’s popular Monday night recovery ride is moving to a new location… Tienda Casa Paloma at 82nd and Metcalf in The OP.

MoDOT Sacks Bike/Ped Coordinator

Bad news from Jefferson City… The Missouri Department of Transportation has sacked Bicycle & Pedestrian Coordinator Caryn Giarratano.  It doesn’t appear to be a personnel issue but rather a change in direction of MoDOT’s bike/ped program.  The state’s Bike/Ped Advisory Committee hasn’t met in over a year. During that year the department has pulled the [...]

The suburb of Mission, KS is working on a new multi-use trail along Rock Creek, which flows adjacent to their downtown business district. It is part of the Johnson County Streamway network and is on a regional MetroGreen corridor that will eventually connect to the Brush Creek trail at the Country Club Plaza and onward [...]

Chris Cross International

Lawrence, Kansas Cross Race promoters Gerard Arantowicz and Chris Locke are getting final preparations underway for the 6th annual Chris Cross International held at the majestically scenic Clinton Lake State Park on October 14, 2007. “We expect a big crowd in preparations for the National Event held near here in December. The local ‘cross scene [...]

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