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Archive for June, 2007

A big front-page article in today’s Star details the dearth of recreational trails in Kansas City, MO. We have so few trails compared to our suburbs that it’s not even a contest. Shannon Jaax, a great addition to the city’s planning department, sums up the situation very well by saying “We are trail poor, and [...]

Location: MARC offices at 6th and Broadway TTPC is a key committee that makes critical transportation policy decisions, including the spending of federal transportation funds. More Info.

Location: MARC offices at 6th and Broadway

US 24/40 Open House

Location: Tonganoxie High School Highway planners will present plans for widening US 24/40 in Leavenworth County.

Paseo Bridge Survey

MoDOT is conducting a survey of public opinion on various aspects of the Paseo Bridge replacement project.  Take the survey on line and be sure to ask for a bicycle and pedestrian facility on the new bridge. You can also talk to MoDOT staff in person this weekend at RiverFest at Berkley Riverfront Park.  Paseo [...]

Platte County is working on a new master plan and is seeking citizens to participate in focus groups in July. This is a great opportunity for bicyclists to speak up for better facilities and policies in this booming part of the city. The county is already poised to become a metro leader in multi-use trails, [...]

Tour of Missouri officials just announced that the world’s top-ranked Discovery Channel team will be racing here this fall. More top-ranked US and European teams are expected to be announced going forward, and final route details are expected by the end of July.

Commuter Convoy

Kris Kristofferson and Alli McGraw learned in the 1970s that sometimes you have to band together to survive out there on streets. That lesson holds true for bicyclists as well as truckers. Local commuter Noah is organizing a convoy of bike commuters to join him once a week on his commute from Johnson County to [...]

Photo of the Week

Bike racks at Bartle Hall’s new ballroom.

Bike vs SUV in Midtown

I passed by the scene of a wreck this morning at Westport Road and Roanoke Parkway on the Volker/West Plaza border, right in front of Guardian Angels parish. Female bicyclist and Chevy TrailBlazer SUV with Johnson County plates. Didn’t look like she was seriously injured.

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